Getting Started

How to get started using Kariari

Let's get started!

For karaoke to work, it requires you create a role you can assign to users you trust to run karaoke on your server. This role is referred to as the master role.

Inviting Kariari to your server

To invite Kariari to your server, go to Confused on any permissions Kariari is asking for? Check out permissions on the FAQ. For the bot to work optimally and to future proof your server, please provide it with all of those permissions.

Assisted Setup

Assisted Setup is currently disabled while it is being improved upon. In the meantime, please use manual configuration.

Video demonstrating the assisted setup wizard for Kariari v1.6

Starting the Wizard

The easiest way to get the bot setup is by using the ;setup command. This command guides you through creating and customizing your server. Throughout this guide, tables will show you what each response does.

Assisted setup requires the Manage Server permission

No prefix is needed when answering prompts

You only get one minute to answer any prompt

Language Prompt

The bot will now ask you if you want to set a new language for the server. By default, Kariari is set to English US. To change this, Kariari will show many sentences in all supported languages on how to change the language to that language. Follow the directions shown.




Leaves language to currently set language

lang [language code here]

Changes server language (not your user language)

Prefix Prompt

Now the bot will ask you if you want to change your server prefix. By default, Kariari is set to use ; as your server prefix.




Leaves prefix to currently set prefix

pre [prefix here]

Changes prefix to the prefix given in response

Prefixes must be less than 5 characters

Master Role Prompt

The bot will now ask if you want to change the master role set on your server. By default, Kariari is set to obey the KariariMaster role.




Leaves master role to currently set master role

role [role name here]

Changes the master role to the one named in the response

Only name the role. Do NOT mention it. For example, if I have a role called "Karaoke Organizers" that I want Kariari to obey to, I would say role Karaoke Organizers as my response.

Master Role Verification

Kariari will check if the role you gave her exists on your server. Even if you use skip, Kariari will check for the default master role. If Kariari can't find it, she will tell you and give you three options. If Kariari finds the role, she will move onto the next step.




(NOT RECOMMENDED) Leaves master role as what you set it to. Kariari will not be able to obey the role since it does not exist.


Goes back to the master role prompt incase you mistyped the name of your role


Kariari will recheck if the role exists. This lets you create it after you get the error.

Bot Permissions Verification

Kariari will check if she has the recommended permissions on your server. If she does not, she will tell you and give you two options to solve this. If she does have the recommended permissions, she will give you a message confirming that you have successfully setup Kariari.




(NOT RECOMMENDED) Kariari does not have the recommended permissions and may not act as intended


If you changed the permissions Kariari has, use this response to have Kariari check it again.

Beautiful! You are now all set up! Enjoy using Kariari! If you ever need help, want to stay updated, or just have fun, join our support and community Discord server!

Manual Setup

If you would prefer to manually set up the bot, check out this page on our documentation. Manual setup will still automatically check if you have configured the bot correctly.