Getting Started

How to get started using Eventcord

Let's get started!

For karaoke to work, it requires you create a role you can assign to users you trust to run karaoke on your server. This role is referred to as the master role.

Inviting Eventcord to your server

To invite Eventcord to your server, go to Confused on any permissions Eventcord is asking for? Check out permissions on the FAQ. For the bot to work optimally and to future proof your server, please provide it with all of those permissions.

Before we get started

If you intend on using karaoke, please ensure to following to avoid members being left with server mutes outside of events:

Checking Permissions

Make sure Eventcord has the Mute Members permission in all voice channels. This may not be the case if you have fancy role hierarchies. Use /setup or visit the dashboard to have the bot list out the channels it does not have the Mute Members permission.

Assisted Setup

Eventcord features a setup wizard via command. Use /setup.

Manual Setup

If you would prefer to manually set up the bot, check out this page on our documentation. Manual setup will still automatically check if you have configured the bot correctly.

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