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Starting at the end of August 2022, Discord will only allow bot commands to be called by slash commands. Slash Commands
I now feature a self-support chat bot named Hannah. You can interact with this chat bot on our support server or at by clicking the widget in the bottom right corner.
Need help getting started? Check out the getting started documentation.
Multi-language support is available, but these docs are not yet translated. See Languages.
O suporte para vários idiomas está disponível, mas esses documentos ainda não foram traduzidos. Veja idiomas.
El soporte multilingüe está disponible, pero estos documentos aún no están traducidos. Ver Idiomas.
Többnyelvű támogatás áll rendelkezésre, de ezeket a dokumentumokat még nem fordították le. Lásd a nyelveket.
By default, Eventcord uses English

Using These Docs

Here is how the formatting works on these docs:
Description of Use
Code Block
Indicates command used in chat
Indicates a placeholder for a required argument.
Indicates a placeholder for an optional argument.
Indicates a placeholder for a mentioned user
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