What data is kept

Data Collected

Using a command

When you use a command, some data is collected and stored in order to detect spam, errors, and collect analytics. The following information is collected:

  • Command used

  • The arguments used with the command

  • The time the command was used

  • Guild ID

  • User ID

  • Channel ID

  • Message ID

Using the events module

  • User IDs of the members in the event

  • User IDs of members in the event's voice channel (if using karaoke)

  • User IDs of members who disconnected while muted (if using karaoke)

  • Options set when using the events module

Using the leveling module

  • User IDs and Guild IDs to identify members

  • Options set when using the leveling module

Using the bot in a server

  • Guild ID

  • Options set for customizing the bot in the server

Using the dashboard

  • User ID

  • Guilds you are in and basic information about them (partial guild object provided by Discord)

Data Deletion

User Data/Dashboard Data

If you would like to request your user data to be deleted, join the support server and ask in the #human-help channel. Note that if you use any bot command your data will be collected again.

Server Data

Eventcord will automatically delete your server data once it is kicked from your server.

Backups of the bot's database are stored for a few months

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