Answers to basic questions about the bot.

Does this bot play music?

This bot does not play music. Eventcord manages the queue for karaoke and can automatically mute and unmute users to ensure a clear voice channel while someone is preforming. However, if you do want to play music during karaoke, Eventcord can work in conjunction with other bots, such as Rythm, to play music. Eventcord will not mute bots in the voice channel.

What is up with this Event Admin role?

See troubleshooting for more detail.

Does Eventcord support slash commands?

Yes! Visit the page below for more information.

Can I change an event's message?

You can set your own event message by typing your message after the start command. Here is an example: /start message:Join to have some fun!

Your event message can be up to 280 characters.

How can I invite Eventcord to my server?

Visit eventcord.xyz/invite to invite Eventcord to your server!

Where can I find a list of commands?

You can find a list of commands here:

Where can I get support or report bugs?

Our Discord server provides quick, reliable support. Join the server here. Just join, ask a question, wait for a response.

What languages are supported?

Click the link below to see the available languages:

To change your guild or user language, see configuration.

Why does Eventcord require the permissions listed?

What do these mean and why does Eventcord want them? You can find out below!

In the last step of the setup command, the bot will check for the permissions listed above (see assisted setup)

Have questions about these permissions? Ask in our Discord server.

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